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No Problem to Cast this Oiler

No wonder the Bruins wanted Hall - he's a ringer for Matt Damon.

Happy New Year btw.

October's Oilers

No matter how low the team sinks(currently 26th overall), I will remain giddy re the possibilities having seen the team playing great for the 1st 20 games.

Silver Linings

Since Hall went down I admit my interest in the Edmonton Oilers has plummeted. RNH is a fantastic rookie, and it's great to see him(and Eberle for that matter) thriving on the Hall-less team, but the difference between the Oilers lining up with Hall vs without are astonishing, and not in a good way.

At times like this I feel safe evaluating the 2011-2012 Edmonton Oilers:

With Hall: 6th place and win 1 round in playoffs.

Without Hall: 12 place, just out of the lottery.

This is why it was frustrating when Hall went down against the Avalanche. In the flash of an eye the Oilers became a struggling hockey team...a good one potentially, but just not right now.

Cam Barker get well soon!
Linus Omark get well soon!

PS: Anyone else notice that Taylor Hall looks like Gumby?

Emergency Post!

Last night Taylor Hall got himself crushed. It wasn't surprising, given the way he plays the game. The Oilers were a shadow of themselves without Hall, putting the chestnut of him being in any way shape or form inferior to that Boston guy finally to rest, insofar as this commentator goes.

This is partially the subject of today's lecture. That, young super players who enter the league at 18(like Hall), with their teenaged bodies run every risk of getting themselves smashed into pieces before their bodies mature.

If Hall recovers and miraculously avoids more injuries, by the time he's 23 years old I believe the Oilers will be perennial cup contenders. He's that good.


Okay, with 4 road games all coming up before the end of the next weekend:

Mon - @ Dallas
Tues - @ Nashville

Hunter's Prediction! Oilers take at least a split of at least 2 points from these games.

Friday @ Minnesota
Saturday @ Colorado

Hunter's Prediction! Oilers take at least a split of at least 2 points from these games.

Overall, the team should gain at least 4 points from this 4 game road trip...anything less spells failure, and the odds of failure are 30/70.

On a brighter note, if the Oilers take 5 or more points, it will be a Very Successful week. Odds of this taking place, 60/40

Odds of another Oilers blowout ala the Hawks of one out of the four teams= 60/40

No More Posts Until Further Notice :(

I have to say it. Like so many Oiler fans, I hope beyond hope for these bums all the while expecting abject failure.

I confidently predict 6th place every year(LOL), then every year end up cursing as they find yet another way to end up at the bottom of the barrel. Scores of 6-3, 3-0 and 6-3 if nothing else have taught me that the Oilers have serious, serious holes to address(and since when have they ever done that post-Messier?).

Okay millionaires, enjoy your futile careers, while I focus on the rest of this year(whatever that means).

I Hate This Douchebag

I just hope Edmonton and Boston meet in the finals one day. because when they do, the Bruins won't find themselves playing a bunch of whining divers like last year.

Yes....I suppose I am a tad bitter, lol.

It's November and Oilers Still Contending

Like forever, and I've been predicting the Oilers to finish in 6th place.

And like forever, the Oilers have iced a rotten, patched up, horrible team in one way or another.

This season, I honestly think there is every chance for once I'll turn out to be correct, and here are some of the reasons:

1 - Oilers now have two bona fide scoring lines. Sorry, but since the dynasty I honestly don't remember any other time that this was true.

2 - Oilers have a coach that doesn't constantly annoy me. What I mean is, the MacT era was about entitlement - not only for veterans(who MacT loved), but for MacT and his ilk themselves; that is, clearly second rate former Oilers who rode the coat tails of the greats...then made a lifetime living off of their good luck.

3 - Everyone on the team has bought into Renney's system. Can there be anything cooler than watching mediocre players elevate their game? Compare this with the POS era - where POS(just one example) would prefer to skate 500 feet away from anything remotely painful. Now I see everyone blocking shots with glee.

I suppose these 'reasons' aren't very well thought out. So fucking what?

Welcome To The Former: thecaptainethanmoreau

Should be a barnburner Thurday November 3 when our beloved Oilers take on the LAKings, who tonight will ice not only our very former thecaptainethanmoreau, but Jarret Stoll, Matt Greene, and Dustin Penner.

7-2 Oilers.

A New Day Dawns

Amazing Oilers first in the Western Conference.

Random thoughts on tonight's game:

Cam Barker scored a world class goal.

Avalanche PP: Tonight Forced to play against relentlessness of young organised opponent, every zone on the ice.
Pretty Good Powerplay. B+

Tom Gilbert Blocked a Shot.

Gagner- Pajaarvi- Belanger Line are good. B+.

5:32 left in the Game: 3-1 Oilers totally in control of the game.

Devan Dubnyk: 1.00 GAA A+ Performance.

Points after 10 games:

RNH 10
Eberle 9
Hall 9
Smyth 8

Potter 6
Horcoff 6
Jones 3
Gilbert 2
Barker! 1 Goal! 1 Penalty!
Sutton 1 Goal.


1- Oilers will have 24+ Points at the 20 Game Mark.
2- all but guaranteed 1-2 blowout games in the next 10.
3- Kid Line guaranteed to score 7-9 games out of 10.
4- predict 6th place at the end of the year;
5- 1 playoff round win

odds: 6 to 1 against any of 1-5. 5 dollar bet.

October 28, 2011 Oilers Lead The Western Conference

Karma is A Bitch

As a hockey player, Chris Pronger was easily the best Oiler I saw since Mark Messier. Remove Pronger from the 2006 playoffs, and the Oilers don't even get into them.

As a human being, Pronger has allowed his considerable talent to overshadow his character, or lack of it. He's allowed himself to become something I'm sure he never was as a 4 year old - that is, an arrogant prick.

So. now he's hurt. I'm supposed to care? Why? Because all human life is sacred? If so, then why does the press bleat about the death of certain politicians(Libya comes to mind) being a good thing?

Not wanting to be a hypocrite, I prefer to let Pronger suffer. As a player he's always been a prick. So, why should anyone care, when for a change he's the one suffering?

Hunter's Fearless Predictions for West NHL 2011-2012

1- San Jose. Please don't think I have any good reason for this pick.
2- Chicago. Hawks storm back, perennial contender and recent Cup champs.
3- Vancouver. Nucks will be their whiny selves again.
4- Los Angeles. Kings can make Conference Finals, or 1st round exit lol.
5- Nashville. Great defence forever it seems.
6- Edmonton. Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, MPS, Omark + R N H = French Connection.
7- Detroit. They might get as high as 5th. Probable 2nd round exit.
8- Anaheim. Like the symmetry if this happens for 1st round.
9- Colorado. Improved team.
10- Gaylords of Hockey Calgary Flames. Maybe 12th, but I want them to pick here.
11- Phoenix. Loser franchise. California Golden Seals 2.0
12- Columbus. Slim playoff hopes, 1st round bounce if get there.
13- St Louis. Slight chance for playoffs, 10-1 shot-ville at the bookies.
14- Minnesota. I think a 8 to 1 shot says these guys make playoffs.
15- Dallas. Souray doesn't help. Losing Richards kills - and Modano is history.

The Concept of Retirement

Because it's September(and because Vic Ferrari says I'm a fool), last night I spent an hour watching the jersey retirement ceremonies of Messier, Kurri, Gretzky, and Coffey on YOUTUBE.

It's got to be a hard thing to do, watching your number go up into the rafters, with everyone cheering the man that you no longer are, or ever will be again.

I also gave a moment or two to notice the various current Oilers teams, watching these super players, knowing that they're all inferior. You can see it in their faces. No wonder they always lose the nights of these events. It's like getting a slap in the face.

Random thought: Why does Tom Gilbert get an "A"? The dude simply isn't any kind of a leader.

See Ya Cogs, Schremp!

It's obvious that when you pick a player under 6 feet tall you're taking an enormous gamble.

Cogliano didn't develop as an Oiler, like all the others who died on that hill.


Probably no more posts until September.

FUTURE TOP 9 looks okay to me




This approximates the starting lineup for 2012-13.

I say next season, because I believe it might take another year to see RNH. Also, next season I expect the Horcoff line to get more than third line time - next season I wouldn't bet on anything like that with the emergence of the kids.


Let's say we add the 2008 defence foursome of:

Souray Grebeshkov

Vishnovsky Gilbert

This was the best Oilers defence I've ever seen at clearing the zone fast, and I saw Paul Coffey's team. These four dudes combined to give the cack-handed forwards 3x more legitimate scoring chances than they ever deserved to see.

Goal: 2006 Duane Roloson.

On Lowetide's blog I suggested Andy Moog, but I honestly don't remember seeing him enough.

He Looks Like An Accountant, But So Did Gretzky

Ever since I returned to watching hockey(I'd stopped paying attention between around 1991-2000), the Oilers seemed to be a bad hockey team.

Then came last season, and all of a sudden Three rookies storm through the starting gate. I know Eberle wasn't drafted last year, but including Linus O'Mark (: p) the team has got 4 legitimate young players who understand goal scoring.

Let us count the Exact number of Competant NHL level scoring type players developed by the Oilers since 2000:


Add Hemsky and Oilers have 5 competant NHL scorers.


Hoppy as he's known in Red Deer, has the potential of Sakic, Yzerman, Messier, who knows?

I didn't want to write Messier, but apparently the newest star Oiler prospect has great potential.

Between 2000-2008 OIlers never had anyone remotely like this guy.

One top scout mentioned Gretzky as a stylistic comparison. Gretzky!

The next 3-5 years are going to be Classic Hockey Team growing, then exploding. Who knows? It might even be this season.

Normally I'd mention the Flames, but since they're doomed to end up in 9th with even less future, best not to bother.

Congrats Boston!

Thankfully those whining diving douchebags from Vancouver will never win the cup for another decade.

From now on, teams will simply grind them into the ice, knowing full well they're useless at fighting back other than diving, faking injuries, and generally acting like girls.

Now, we can all sit back, and relax, knowing the Oiler's will soon be drafting the number one pick in a rotten draft year, lol.

As the Englishman arriving in Hell said, "Oh well, mustn't grumble".


Boston has whipped these pussies every time it mattered.

Please dickheads, win tonight.

We all prefer laughing at Canucks fans, we've discovered.





Bruins on a 2 game tear, need game 5 Here's Why!

Something weird happening in vancouver, then they're into the finals up 2-0 in games - the sky is the limity.

Now tonight look at them - 2-2 games

0-2 in last 2 games

shutout game 4

possible shutout game threee no 8-1

Come on Boston!

No team with players who look like this do I want winning the cup.

Bruins, because my GF says so lol

So, while sitting around with my gf...I decided to test her vast sports knowledge by asking her who wins the cup this year. She said Bruins.


Okay. These dudes are in. Just like this blogger predicted last October, I might like to add.

Their opponents shake down into one of the following:


The Semis are here! The Semis are here!

It's that time of year. When a handful of teams are left, and I have to choose which ones I hate the least.

Boston Bruins: Nothing against the Bruins, aside from history. They've won 5 cups, same as the Oilers. if they win another then they go ahead in the series. Boo!

Tampa Bay Lightning: One of my bandwagon teams. The Flames positively HATE the Bolts, so go go go!

Detroit Red Wings: Too many post-Oilers cups for my liking. Also, I hate Todd Bertuzzi. Also...

Vancouver Canucks: Pre-season I picked them to come out of the west. Now that they're looking like covering my bet, I wish to fuck they'd just fall flat on their faces. Boo!!

San Jose Sharks: What's not to like? Heatley? Blah, I am with these guys all the way! Go Sharkies! Go go go!

HUNTER's hope for the finals: Bolts v Sharks

HUNTER's HEAD PICKS: Bruins v Canucks.

Draft Update: I hope they pick Hedman(oops)...err...Larsson. But whoever they pick, I can't complain, unless they go for a reach pick that terminally fucks them up for the next 20 years. This IS a distinct possibility, given the fact that Kevin Lowe's still hanging around.

Playoff Update, NHL first round

Bruins Win. Take stranglehold on series, if win game 6.

I had this big rant all ready to go, until Boston scored. I'm a bandwagon Habs fan.

If Oilers take Nugent(Hoppy), I want to start the first ever in the world lobby to draft him as NUGENT. Think about it. Oilers can start playing Ted Nugent music a lot at the games. Eventually Ted shows up and plays between periods. 1 song is perfect.

When he grows up, in 2 seasons we can start to say something about Nugent, who if he stays healthy will be coming off his rookie season with new wily veterans Hall, Paajarvi, Eberle, and think of the last time Oilers had 4 potential game breaking players it's 1990 or earlier.

If they take Larsson, I plan to defer to the Oilers knowing which pick is better.

PS: Vancouver up against the wall, those were major beatings Thank You Raffi! Angry Hawks look from a higher league than our current President's Cup holders.

hunter 11:11 pm, after the Boston OT win heading to Montreal up 3-2.

May the best team win.

Last Post Until Further Notice

Oilers have just clinched !st overall in the upcoming rigged draft lottery, that they do behind closed doors so they can give Crosby to Mario, geez.

Taylor Hall, will be a star next season from the opening drop of the puck, and barring injury(already he's had a serious enough one) we have an All Star on Oilers books folks.

The top two Draft Lottery positions guarantee Oilers at least a coin flip second pick which translates into Nugent-Hopkins vs the Swede, my hunch says the Swede only if they pick second.

The rest of the team is still untried, lol.


Just saw "Oil Change" on YouTube. Now that the seasons all but over, it's even more interesting to watch something that was shot a year ago, when these gangsters could still sell hope. Of course now we all know the team is in 30th place(again). Did the Calfornia Seals end up in last place 2 years running?

Random thoughts:

Tambellini is a horrible, and I mean bloody useless communicator. He appears like the office boy given the job in one of those reverse the boss with the office boy" days, that you hear about sometimes. He can barely speak, gives off zero authority, then again many of the Oilers staff exude a putrid level of confidence. This is an organisation that needs a Black Death style cleanout. "Uh...Um...Duh..."

Katz should get Sylvester Stallone to play him in the upcoming Oilers feature movie. Why? They both talk out of the sides of their mouths.

Renney talking to the rookies was totally unimpressive - wtf I'm not even a coach and I'm sure i could pass myself off as Vince Lombardi compared to Renney's fumbling, weakling approach. Why? Confidence! Like Tambellini, Renney either hasn't got any balls or else has never learned how to use them. No wonder everyone wants Mark Messier here, no matter what cost. he reminds me of the dad in "Little Miss Sunshine" you know - harried and harassed and just not capable of getting it together.

Horcoff acts like a dick. He's just not captain material, I don't get why he is the captain, of course obviously they haven't got any fucking players is the answer. Sheesh.

Cogliano = Schremp 2.0 but he's even more of a shrimp. I hear Cogliano's a bighead - LOLOLOL - maybe in the NCAA you're top dog buddy, but in the NHL you're nothing more than a smurf without ability - please get off my team asap.

Ralph Kreuger seemed like he knew what he was talking about. He gets a pass from me.

Overall production values of Show = FAIL. Where or who decided to use the voice or facimile voice over artist from that show that exposes Vegas magicians? maybe that in itself gives us a clue, LOL.

The OIlers are a joke of a franchise, and no wonder no one in their right mind wants to play here.

PS: Other than rookies, most if not all of the players flat out suck.

Oilers Peddle Away Penner For Hope

As a lifelong Oilers fan(I'm old enough to more or less remember and I did see them when they were a genuine dynasty), I remember how they used to be able to procure washed up players or prospects(Joe Murphy comes to mind), or even ex cons(Craig Mactavish), and rehabilitate them quickly by sticking them in the lineup.

It really was a thing to behold, watching players who were struggling on other teams(remember everyone was crap compared to the Oilers, and I mean every word of this statement), quickly blossom into first rate quality NHL players.

Unfortunately, ever since 1992 when they finally buried the good times in the most appalling trade ever(Mark Messier for Bernie Nicholls), the ration of super cool moves by the team has gone south. Yes, they stole Pronger. And there were other good moves, but in retrospect i believe the OIlers are simply cursed.

Today they traded Dustin Penner, one of my favourite Oiler forwards for more hope, more future, and less present. I don't give a rat's ass about prospects. Most of them bust. Penner is a good to very good player, and will probably blossom in L.A.

The Oilers meanwhile, will be run at by every other team in the NHL, bullied, and the kids will get concussed. They're still too young to handle themselves, and needed some guidance from veterans, even I know that.

But no, the OIlers are run like a ponzi scheme, always selling the future, and robbing from the present.

Next year Hemsky will go, and the same fans who argue that Penner needed to go because he's possibly gone in 1.3 years, will be happy. They will have more picks, more prospects, and more hope.

The lucky stiffs.

Beam me up, Scotty.

This was one Classy Player

Sorry Lowetide(the father of this blog btw), I just had to steal your Gilbert Perrault pic.

Oilers right now are on the verge of trading Hemsky and or Penner for another rat-assed collection of prospects. Despite the fact Oilers currently have some of the best rookies in the NHL, and I mean THE BEST ROOKIES.

I'm talking potential HOF players here.

Why hand our rivals our most polished performers then?

Oh yeah, Oilers are fools. Always were(trading Coffey away started the trend), always will be(the Smyth "trade", for you youngsters).

February 15 and this Season is All But Over

Whatever happened to 'Exciting Last Place Hockey'?

The team flat out blows. 30th on the powerplay, 30 in the penalty kill, and fuck knows what on faceoffs.

Teams chuckle when Oilers come up in their schedule. Why not? All anyone needs to do is throw a few hits around, whether playing home or away, and Oilers fold like a cheap tent.

It's pathetic.

I'm now officially terrified that Lowe and his gongshow are so addicted to the lottery that they will keep this thing going until fuck knows when.

4-6 years Mr Lowe? Okay! Call me up when it's all complete. It's no fun watching your team splattered against the boards.

Saturday Night Result!

Oilers lose, excellent for Lottery watchers.

We're Number 1!

Now Oilers won't have to worry about losing the Draft Lottery in June.

The lowest Oilers can pick is 29th out of 30 teams.

I would like to take this time to congratulate the Oilers, for finally achieving this distinction.

Oilers in 1st!



Growing up I was fortunate to have a dynasty of a hockey team to support.

Then, just as I reached the age of rebellion, I saw that selfsame dynasty tossed away - no, pissed away by a bunch of small town thinking losers. It helped lead me to the conclusion that in order to find my own destiny, I too would eventually leave the small market where I originated from.

For quite a few years I pretty well ignored the Oilers. Nothing much to ignore really. Now, they're sort of looking promising. I wish they were more promising, and maybe by this time next season they will be, but that's what I've thought for the past several seasons.

Astonishingly, Gretzky made Edmonton an interesting city to the rest of the world.


Now that it's 2011, you really start getting a feel just how dire this season is. Horcoff(injury prone?) injured, Whitney(injury prone?) injured, Hemsky(injury prone?) injured but now back, it's bad enough losing but not like this.

Luckily I have no idea what goes on with the team itself, because from here it's really depressing. The season's already as good as over, and draft day is the big one for this sad sick franchise.

Next season unless Tambellini puts a real team together, I hope Katz fires his lame ass.

PS: That German was wanted for war crimes on the Russian front, just looks too much like my fave Shark to be ignored.