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A New Day Dawns

Amazing Oilers first in the Western Conference.

Random thoughts on tonight's game:

Cam Barker scored a world class goal.

Avalanche PP: Tonight Forced to play against relentlessness of young organised opponent, every zone on the ice.
Pretty Good Powerplay. B+

Tom Gilbert Blocked a Shot.

Gagner- Pajaarvi- Belanger Line are good. B+.

5:32 left in the Game: 3-1 Oilers totally in control of the game.

Devan Dubnyk: 1.00 GAA A+ Performance.

Points after 10 games:

RNH 10
Eberle 9
Hall 9
Smyth 8

Potter 6
Horcoff 6
Jones 3
Gilbert 2
Barker! 1 Goal! 1 Penalty!
Sutton 1 Goal.


1- Oilers will have 24+ Points at the 20 Game Mark.
2- all but guaranteed 1-2 blowout games in the next 10.
3- Kid Line guaranteed to score 7-9 games out of 10.
4- predict 6th place at the end of the year;
5- 1 playoff round win

odds: 6 to 1 against any of 1-5. 5 dollar bet.

October 28, 2011 Oilers Lead The Western Conference

Karma is A Bitch

As a hockey player, Chris Pronger was easily the best Oiler I saw since Mark Messier. Remove Pronger from the 2006 playoffs, and the Oilers don't even get into them.

As a human being, Pronger has allowed his considerable talent to overshadow his character, or lack of it. He's allowed himself to become something I'm sure he never was as a 4 year old - that is, an arrogant prick.

So. now he's hurt. I'm supposed to care? Why? Because all human life is sacred? If so, then why does the press bleat about the death of certain politicians(Libya comes to mind) being a good thing?

Not wanting to be a hypocrite, I prefer to let Pronger suffer. As a player he's always been a prick. So, why should anyone care, when for a change he's the one suffering?

Hunter's Fearless Predictions for West NHL 2011-2012

1- San Jose. Please don't think I have any good reason for this pick.
2- Chicago. Hawks storm back, perennial contender and recent Cup champs.
3- Vancouver. Nucks will be their whiny selves again.
4- Los Angeles. Kings can make Conference Finals, or 1st round exit lol.
5- Nashville. Great defence forever it seems.
6- Edmonton. Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, MPS, Omark + R N H = French Connection.
7- Detroit. They might get as high as 5th. Probable 2nd round exit.
8- Anaheim. Like the symmetry if this happens for 1st round.
9- Colorado. Improved team.
10- Gaylords of Hockey Calgary Flames. Maybe 12th, but I want them to pick here.
11- Phoenix. Loser franchise. California Golden Seals 2.0
12- Columbus. Slim playoff hopes, 1st round bounce if get there.
13- St Louis. Slight chance for playoffs, 10-1 shot-ville at the bookies.
14- Minnesota. I think a 8 to 1 shot says these guys make playoffs.
15- Dallas. Souray doesn't help. Losing Richards kills - and Modano is history.