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Response to inevitable "let's thank" MacT nonsense

"Can we take a moment to tip the hat in the direction of Craig MacTavish" - Actually, no. This unqualified tool was handed the hopes and dreams of a sports community for eight seasons, and never iced anything but a mediocre team.

"He coddled some" - Yeah, the third rate vets who he treated like a gay shopteacher grooms the geeky kids.

"Yelled at others" - Yeah, by going to the fawning local media and in the process showed anyone who's anyone just what a tool he really was.

"And went too far with Dustin Penner" - Not quite. Penner simply refused to listen to this twit. How strange, how Penner blossoms the moment MacT is gone?

"I think it's impossible to view this team moving forward without acknowledging the previous coach" - While we're on the topic, let's all thank that eleven year old who farted at the right time in Okinawa.

"He did teach the Gagner's and the Cogliano's" - To regress.

"What future success this team enjoys is at least a little about the lessons learned from a very smart man" - WTF is everyone going on about MacT being smart? Because he wears glasses? The dude comes off to me like some kind of narky self serving dickhead. But that's just me, and three quarters of the Edmonton Oilers team.

What's wrong with the Oilers? Nothing?

Hey as you all know, I am one of the most unforgiving of Oiler fans. I have zero sympathy for Ryan Smyth, or any other past player who whined their way out of town for that matter. At least in the medium term. Who knows? One day I might actually say I liked watching the Smyth Weight Guerin Oilers.


This was an era where the Oilers simply had zero chance of winning the cup. Zero! Sorry, but with zero hope, there's zero giving a fuck coming from me.

Now, after 8 fucking years of that jailbird Gay drunken convict MacTavish finally we all get to actually ENJOY watching the team play. Why? No fear of making a mistake, getting thrown out onto the ice with a minute left, because the coach TRUSTS you, that kind of astonishing leadership stuff that great men use when dealing with their charges.

Having just returned from a week in Amsterdam(and yes, it's everything you ever dreamed of as a kid), well...I don't really know what's going on with the Oilers, but I sure the f**k got to encounter a lot of sensational females.

PS: to last post

I can't help being an Oilers fan, but now they're going great we're all happy.

I can't help relaying the news that Craig MacTavish is still without employment in the NHL coaching ranks.

Oilers 5-2-1

Sensational to return from a week away to this, the Oilers beat the stupid nyuck yuks and are right up there in the top ten of the league.

This was where I went.

OIlers 2-1-1

I'm sorry to all of my "fans", but I'm going to be away for the next 3 games in Europe on a well deserved holiday.

How will the Oilers do without me, lol.

All I know is, they're playing pretty good hockey, they're on pace for the 100 points, and they've played all their games at home.

See y'all in 7 days time.

The 1-1-1 Oilers!

This is an ancient NY Rangers Cup winning team, from 1933. I'm told one of my ancestors tried out for them, back in the day, which gives me somewhat of a soft spot for the rags.

Oilers have now played 3 games, and are 1-2 in them. Sorry, I don't count losses. Okay, maybe 1-1-1 if you insist on the old time system. No problem.

So, how are they doing? They've played 2 games vs more or less elite opposition, and 1 game against a lousy team. Surprise surprise. The Stars are now a third rate team, the Flames first, and the Oilers? They're second rate.

Last year, gay shopteacher MacT had them playing like a fourth rate team. So now, they've made the big jump, from fourth to second. Not too shabby.

Personally I expect Quinn to be talking to Katz sooner or later, and telling him just what a crock of crap some of the current lineup really are. I seriously doubt if he talks to Tambellini, who seems more and more like a glorified office clerk.

Then what? No idea. After all, I'm not running the Oilers.

Prediction: Oilers finish 6th in the West

Call me crazy, but there we are.

Why 6th, and not 14th?

For one thing, they have a coach who knows his freaking business, after the gay shopteacher's wacko experiments which left so many young players psychologically assraped.

For another thing, the team has better players than we think, and finally...

I always pick these twats for 6th, then suffer the rest of the year as they struggle to make 8th, or 10th.