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Hunter's Fearless Predictions for West NHL 2011-2012

1- San Jose. Please don't think I have any good reason for this pick.
2- Chicago. Hawks storm back, perennial contender and recent Cup champs.
3- Vancouver. Nucks will be their whiny selves again.
4- Los Angeles. Kings can make Conference Finals, or 1st round exit lol.
5- Nashville. Great defence forever it seems.
6- Edmonton. Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, MPS, Omark + R N H = French Connection.
7- Detroit. They might get as high as 5th. Probable 2nd round exit.
8- Anaheim. Like the symmetry if this happens for 1st round.
9- Colorado. Improved team.
10- Gaylords of Hockey Calgary Flames. Maybe 12th, but I want them to pick here.
11- Phoenix. Loser franchise. California Golden Seals 2.0
12- Columbus. Slim playoff hopes, 1st round bounce if get there.
13- St Louis. Slight chance for playoffs, 10-1 shot-ville at the bookies.
14- Minnesota. I think a 8 to 1 shot says these guys make playoffs.
15- Dallas. Souray doesn't help. Losing Richards kills - and Modano is history.


spOILer said...

I'm thinking Phoenix for last, Maybe Dally for second last. Columbus, I think will sneak in, especially if they can find some help on defense during the season and Mason bounces back.

St. Loo and Colorado are the hard ones for me to figure out.

cabbiesmacker said...

1- LA
2- VAN
3- SJ
4- DET
5- CHI
6- ANA
7- STL
8- NSH
9- MIN
10- CGY
11- EDM
12- DAL
13- COL
14- CBJ
15- PHX

Bar Qu said...

Because I am traditionally terrible at this:

1. Van - what did they change from last year? Nothing
2. SJ - better team with the subtraction of Heatley
3. LA - Penner's revenge year
4. CHI - a good, not great, team
5. DET - Lidstrom with a walker still better than 1/2 the league
6. NSH - Barry Trotz lives
7. DAL - that's right
8. ANA - Cogliano's revenge
9. STL - better than we believed
10. EDM - cursed D and its lack of depth
11. MIN - worse with addition of Heatley
12. COL - this is a guess
13. CAL - Iginla's swan song
14. CBJ - errr, sorry dudes
15. PHX

hunter1909 said...

These are all decent predictions.

Anonymous said...

I would play, but I can't really say I ever watch any non-Oiler teams.

The rest of the NHL is like a black-box to me.

I hope Hunter is right though.