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STAND UP Taylor Hall FFS

Taylor Hall must learn to stay on his feet, unless he's going to crash and burn out of hockey.
My suggestion is to fine Hall $100.00 every time he falls to the ice. Make it into a contest. Whatever. With everyone following him getting fined after every game, he's bound to get the message.
RE PREDICTIONS OILERS TANK: With that ridiculous unbeaten run of late(5-0-2 methinks), they're now out of 29th and will probably not return to that spot, if anything time to worry about the next 2-3 teams above because none of them are tearing up much and oiler's are too close to fucking up the season, and am frankly, sick of it. So, not many if any more posts for awhile.

Predictions to March 24, 2012

Oilers will be without Taylor Hall from the look of things. Terrible, sad, inevitable news. Unless Taylor Hall learns how to play hockey without falling on the ice ten times a game, he's going to have a frustrating and short career. Anyway, oiler's(I refuse to capitalise this until they start playing like a real hockey team instead of losers, sheesh) with Hall I figured were good to spit the next 8 points coming up, with games against the Yotes, Preds, Bolts, and Florida. oilers win streak comes to an end next game, either way it's a 4 point week until March 24, 2012. Then, they will have 67 points. New scary team to watch out for with the tank: Islanders. Habs, after seeing how good the oil were at tanking, decided not to bother, and
are out of the race.


Oiler's current point total: 56

add: Oiler's expected
points total 7 points

Total amount of points Oiler's expected to have by march 17, 2012: 63 points.

TOP TANKING RIVAL = Montreal Canadiens! All the best, Jean Beliveau let's hope the Habs can win a few for you between March 1 and 17. You guys play nearly all BAD teams, and most are Canadian; Also at least 2 games with Buffalo, all which guarantee at least 2 points between the teams on the night. Oilers need to make up ground here for sure!

hunter1909 1-0 record so far: last time, predicted oilers would end up with 57 points. therefore: WIN 1-0 record; next hunter1909's prediction on March 18, 2012.