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Growing up I was fortunate to have a dynasty of a hockey team to support.

Then, just as I reached the age of rebellion, I saw that selfsame dynasty tossed away - no, pissed away by a bunch of small town thinking losers. It helped lead me to the conclusion that in order to find my own destiny, I too would eventually leave the small market where I originated from.

For quite a few years I pretty well ignored the Oilers. Nothing much to ignore really. Now, they're sort of looking promising. I wish they were more promising, and maybe by this time next season they will be, but that's what I've thought for the past several seasons.

Astonishingly, Gretzky made Edmonton an interesting city to the rest of the world.


Now that it's 2011, you really start getting a feel just how dire this season is. Horcoff(injury prone?) injured, Whitney(injury prone?) injured, Hemsky(injury prone?) injured but now back, it's bad enough losing but not like this.

Luckily I have no idea what goes on with the team itself, because from here it's really depressing. The season's already as good as over, and draft day is the big one for this sad sick franchise.

Next season unless Tambellini puts a real team together, I hope Katz fires his lame ass.

PS: That German was wanted for war crimes on the Russian front, just looks too much like my fave Shark to be ignored.