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Emergency Post!

Last night Taylor Hall got himself crushed. It wasn't surprising, given the way he plays the game. The Oilers were a shadow of themselves without Hall, putting the chestnut of him being in any way shape or form inferior to that Boston guy finally to rest, insofar as this commentator goes.

This is partially the subject of today's lecture. That, young super players who enter the league at 18(like Hall), with their teenaged bodies run every risk of getting themselves smashed into pieces before their bodies mature.

If Hall recovers and miraculously avoids more injuries, by the time he's 23 years old I believe the Oilers will be perennial cup contenders. He's that good.


Okay, with 4 road games all coming up before the end of the next weekend:

Mon - @ Dallas
Tues - @ Nashville

Hunter's Prediction! Oilers take at least a split of at least 2 points from these games.

Friday @ Minnesota
Saturday @ Colorado

Hunter's Prediction! Oilers take at least a split of at least 2 points from these games.

Overall, the team should gain at least 4 points from this 4 game road trip...anything less spells failure, and the odds of failure are 30/70.

On a brighter note, if the Oilers take 5 or more points, it will be a Very Successful week. Odds of this taking place, 60/40

Odds of another Oilers blowout ala the Hawks of one out of the four teams= 60/40

No More Posts Until Further Notice :(

I have to say it. Like so many Oiler fans, I hope beyond hope for these bums all the while expecting abject failure.

I confidently predict 6th place every year(LOL), then every year end up cursing as they find yet another way to end up at the bottom of the barrel. Scores of 6-3, 3-0 and 6-3 if nothing else have taught me that the Oilers have serious, serious holes to address(and since when have they ever done that post-Messier?).

Okay millionaires, enjoy your futile careers, while I focus on the rest of this year(whatever that means).

I Hate This Douchebag

I just hope Edmonton and Boston meet in the finals one day. because when they do, the Bruins won't find themselves playing a bunch of whining divers like last year.

Yes....I suppose I am a tad bitter, lol.

It's November and Oilers Still Contending

Like forever, and I've been predicting the Oilers to finish in 6th place.

And like forever, the Oilers have iced a rotten, patched up, horrible team in one way or another.

This season, I honestly think there is every chance for once I'll turn out to be correct, and here are some of the reasons:

1 - Oilers now have two bona fide scoring lines. Sorry, but since the dynasty I honestly don't remember any other time that this was true.

2 - Oilers have a coach that doesn't constantly annoy me. What I mean is, the MacT era was about entitlement - not only for veterans(who MacT loved), but for MacT and his ilk themselves; that is, clearly second rate former Oilers who rode the coat tails of the greats...then made a lifetime living off of their good luck.

3 - Everyone on the team has bought into Renney's system. Can there be anything cooler than watching mediocre players elevate their game? Compare this with the POS era - where POS(just one example) would prefer to skate 500 feet away from anything remotely painful. Now I see everyone blocking shots with glee.

I suppose these 'reasons' aren't very well thought out. So fucking what?

Welcome To The Former: thecaptainethanmoreau

Should be a barnburner Thurday November 3 when our beloved Oilers take on the LAKings, who tonight will ice not only our very former thecaptainethanmoreau, but Jarret Stoll, Matt Greene, and Dustin Penner.

7-2 Oilers.