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Sharks @ Oilers

Good game. Oilers lose another 2 points, and looked pretty good doing it.

Face it, this year is for learning, and if the best players start emerging this year instead of next, well, that's good, right?

Right as of now Oilers are 29th - wonderful.

Another top draft pick - get this one right and we're as good as set up(I must be out of my mind this team is so disfunctional...but...

When they play they play very well. It's not a talentless, clueless bunch this year.

I've run out of things to say this season. Stop reading this blog - it stinks.

Oilers Are OK Again!

I like this team. last night in Anaheim, they came through with a great effort. Sure Gilbert makes the odd bad play, and all the rest, but it's a TEAM game, so when the TEAM plays well, fuck the individual attacks.

In a blowout of course, with endless errors, it's all so much simpler to wax and wane.

Theo Peckham's fast becoming one of my fave Oilers. This guy puts real fear into the opposition. If the enemy pressured him more I'm fairly sure he'd be getting pilloried right now, but he's too scary. You can tell he's scary by the way the other team refuses to check him hard against the boards. Who wants to fight this guy?

Hall was great last night, so was Eberle. MPS I barely noticed, but hey, the guys a rookie and he's never played the greasy North American style so he get a full season pass.

Dubnyk? I'm worried he's going to win too many games this year, haha.

Belle I liked during the exhibition season, I hope they keep him up and lose the other guys instead.

PS: memo to Katz: Hire the entire Fox Duck crew for the Edmonton Oilers, and lose every fucking one of the hicks currently boring the hell out of me and others. And I mean cameramen, director, producer, every announcer, whoever buys the suits, you name it. Ducks show was/is light years ahead of the 1980's or earlier level of style where the Oilers sad current production ranks. You want Edmonton to look bad? Just keep these dolts. Want to use the Oilers like AC Milan? Then get some California professional announcers, instead of these hicks you inherited.

That's right, just sack the entire lot of them. Then, hire the entire last night's Ducks crew, right down to the DJ who plays rock music the way it's supposed to be played between stoppages. Details, Katz, details.


No debts, okay.

Nice GF, okay

Excellent/iffy apartment with cool location, ok.

Prospects spotty but promising, check.

Health good, check.

Hockey season over in November, check.

I'm just trying to see the good things before closing the book on this season.
As readers(there are 2,900 hits so assume there are a few) know, I predicted 6th place in the west for this team. Obviously I live in denial, and am delusional, but so what? I like to give the benefit of the doubt whenever possible.

Now it's simply a race for 30th place - again. All the best to the Oilers, I think they have a great shot at this. From what little I know, there are a few great prospects out there this season, maybe in the 1-4 spot. We look set. It stinks, I hate it, but there's nothing anyone can do about it.

I'm drinking beer, so no wit no wisdom, just either a rant or else this attempt at liquored up rationality.

How about another pic? Just to put a cap on tonights thoughts.


I've had it. And I'm not alone either.

The Oilers have for the past decade constantly iced a team that has glaring holes, whether goalies(2006), or defencemen(2010-11), whatever.

I'm simply bored with the process.

Like Kurtz in Apocalypse now, I doubt if there is indeed any method to this former dynasty/cum Disney Channel wannabe posterboy.

Players run out town on a rail, coaches that can't coach, always fucking ALWAYS at least 2 totally worthless pylons on defence, never a centre worthy of the name, smurfs against grown men, rookies who fail to develop, UFA's who (naturally) shun the situation while the "management" blames the fans, you name it.

I pity the young fans, who have never seen excellence wearing the copper and blue, sans 6 or so weeks in 2006. I at least got to see Jari Kurri, live.

What - Me Worry?

Imagine Oilers are the Leafs for a moment. Managed by a blowhard who trades away the future(2nd overall pick plus wtf knows what this season) for a soft, American born scorer. Coached by a pure asshole.

I mean, just look at Ron Wilson's face. This dude is a grade A prick. Maybe he's a good coach for an Olympic squad(so was Pat Quinn), but a young rebuilding team? Never!

Today is my fave game of the season(I hope). Oilers at MSG. As always I just want the three rookies to score a pair of points between them, then I'll be happy. Win? Who cares?


Amazing season so far. OIlers beat the cup champs twice away, while in lottery position.

Looky looky who's 1 place above Oilers in the NHL this morning - the Flames!

Tonight the Canes(Whalers) are up - and I should have realised the Whalers always had Oilers WHA number so losing to them in the NHL wasn't the shock it could have been. Oh well, another one for the WHA.

POS will be the highlight reel for me tonight - hands down the biggest coward I've ever seen make the NHL.

Oilers sit comfortably in lottery position right now, but this could change, haha.


I'm still not convinced this team is a lottery pick, despite some of the early data. it might be, and I hope it is as much as anyone, but I can't shake this naggin thought they're going to figure it out soon.

Then it's the annual race for the playoffs, started earlier than the All Star break.

I'm incoherant. So what?

Tonight's game:

Red Wings. Beat these bums, at least score youngsters.

PS: Jari Kurri was a great player.