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Probably no more posts until September.

FUTURE TOP 9 looks okay to me




This approximates the starting lineup for 2012-13.

I say next season, because I believe it might take another year to see RNH. Also, next season I expect the Horcoff line to get more than third line time - next season I wouldn't bet on anything like that with the emergence of the kids.


Let's say we add the 2008 defence foursome of:

Souray Grebeshkov

Vishnovsky Gilbert

This was the best Oilers defence I've ever seen at clearing the zone fast, and I saw Paul Coffey's team. These four dudes combined to give the cack-handed forwards 3x more legitimate scoring chances than they ever deserved to see.

Goal: 2006 Duane Roloson.

On Lowetide's blog I suggested Andy Moog, but I honestly don't remember seeing him enough.

He Looks Like An Accountant, But So Did Gretzky

Ever since I returned to watching hockey(I'd stopped paying attention between around 1991-2000), the Oilers seemed to be a bad hockey team.

Then came last season, and all of a sudden Three rookies storm through the starting gate. I know Eberle wasn't drafted last year, but including Linus O'Mark (: p) the team has got 4 legitimate young players who understand goal scoring.

Let us count the Exact number of Competant NHL level scoring type players developed by the Oilers since 2000:


Add Hemsky and Oilers have 5 competant NHL scorers.


Hoppy as he's known in Red Deer, has the potential of Sakic, Yzerman, Messier, who knows?

I didn't want to write Messier, but apparently the newest star Oiler prospect has great potential.

Between 2000-2008 OIlers never had anyone remotely like this guy.

One top scout mentioned Gretzky as a stylistic comparison. Gretzky!

The next 3-5 years are going to be Classic Hockey Team growing, then exploding. Who knows? It might even be this season.

Normally I'd mention the Flames, but since they're doomed to end up in 9th with even less future, best not to bother.