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Moreau, POS, Nilsson on waivers?

I don't give a flying monkey for POS or Nillsson, both heartless flops, but Ethan Moreau is a real Oiler, kept on until he simply was no longer fit to play NHL hockey.

I remember him mainly for his name. Ethan is old fashioned, and I took to that name, and always wished him well, particularly since he was at his best during the Mike Grier football players on skates 90's team.

Ethan, I doubt if you will read this but thank you all the same from this fan. When Taylor Hall brings us the cup I hope you're in the building. You helped land him, after all.


i don't know where to start. My team, England(until they're booted then I immediately jump back on the Brazil bandwagon) have that excuse I predicted, that indeed they had tied the game, and yes, were it given and counted they did appear to have momentum.

As a fan, I buy that argument.

Of course they still might not have won, but, who knows?

Look back at English great reasons for WC failure in the past:

2006: Rooney was being rugby tacked by the entire team he was dribbling through, yet he's the one sent off.
2002: I don't remember this one, other than Sven let them down at halftime, for not exhorting them to beat Brazil more.
1998: Beckham was robbed, being sent off.
1990: Poor Gascgoine
1986: The hand of god goal.
1982: If only Brooking and Keegan were fit.
1970: Stomach bug and noisy enemy supporters disrupt the gentlemenly world champions.

Anyway like predicted it's back to the big boys: Germans, Brazilians, Dutch, Argentinians. Surely one of these will win the real World Cup.

Good Luck Riley

I recall some Oil fans in the blogosphere viciously attempting to attack me when I stated that clearly Nash was a moron, for turning down the chance to earn potentially millions of dollars in order to comparatively shlep around the Ivy League circuit. Apparently these fans(one of them a high school teacher) do not understand the dynamics of the real world, so I'll attempt to recap:

NHL players in essence are handed the money of a top level 45 year old CEO. Nash, as a mid level first round pick had the opportunity to command all kinds of contract money, so long as he was able to produce as advertised.

But as we can see from the expression in his face, Riley prefers to have it his way, and with a stubborn Irishness that goes with it(I'm Irish btw, black not red so fuck off PC fucktards), he's now been traded to another NHL team, with the first one having decided to cut bait and return to the marina. Nash for his part, three years later and still able to get an agent, no doubt will go to the Hurricanes training camp and who knows, he might end up on their AHL team.

His stock now starting to plummet, only time will tell how Nash pans out(my money says b.u.s.t.) as a player, so in a way it's a great idea, that he remains in the Ivy league and finish that degree off.

Oilers select Taylor Hall today and secure their future as a premier franchise for the next decade.

hunter1909's fantasy lineup:

hemsky hall mps
eberle gagner penner

bottom 6 too big a mess

defence suspect

goal suspect lol

Sure the top 6 won't look like this next season, possibly 2011-12, anyone's guess at this point.

lynch mob

The Hall v Seguin 'debate' is taking a nasty turn as the Seguin apologists, armed with their loser mentality that demands 'assets' off Boston(who almost certainly are not going to provide), hysterically attack anyone who so much as dares voice an alternate opinion.

These armchair generals love to wheel and deal, secure in the knowledge that they are under no real life pressure, and that all of their dumbassed ideas just harmlessly float into cyberspace.

Oh well. The draft is in a week or less, and the football is enough to help forget about the nhl.


So far Germany look the best team but it's very early.

the ball looks crazy, from all the weird goals.

too much handball, but the refs have been outstanding, taking no shit from the players, it sets a great tone for the tournament.

nice to see Ghana beat out the first win for Africa, theyre all pulling together. they look like cannibals.

England is laughing at their football team, as per expectations.

My team is always Brazil, once England goes - theyre always in the top 2 or 3 teams like Canada but they need ice over there and look out when they start getting drafted to the NHL.

Kane scores in OT wins cup

Congrats Hawks.

Kane is a top 5 forward in the NHL.

Pronger doesn't beat up old cab drivers over 20 cents.

Tonight's Finals game between Flyers(home) and Hawks(away)

Pronger for me is enough to never write off tonight's team especially since they're in a do or die scenario, and at home.

I'm useless at hockey scores but Flyers take it 4-4 + OT 5-4 Flyers.


We have been waiting over twenty years to get a player like Hall. We went through one of if not the worst season in franchise history. We dodged a bullet at the lottery. And now we are contemplating, some even encouraging throwing that away to get the second best player. If this team does this deal, then they deserve to be rendered into Leaf like obscurity.