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Congrats Buffalo 10-2

I've checked out of the Oilers game by game self flagellation. The process has become too tiresome for me to want to bother myself with. Whether the Oilers organisation are happy about this news, I'm not yet sure.

Look. They're a young team.

Super puck rushing defence.

Hot and cold goaltending, as this team lives it dies on it's goaltending ever since Fuhr, so no prob there.

I just don't want to give a fuck about this 7th or 8th place team, not until they meet the Sharks/Wings in the opening round of the playoffs.

Think of it like this: Oilers are lulling everyone into thinking they're shit.

Fearless Predictions

Easy Post All Star games Predictions:

Oilers finish 7th or 8th place.

Bring on the Red Wings/Sharks. 

That's all.

My trade bait for big Vinnie

1st round pick

No sense in offering the farm but I like any or all of them going the other way for Vincent who wins the Art fucking Ross trophy

LeCavalier to join Oilers lol

Penner   LaCavalier    Hemsky    - oh boy, look out every team in the NHL from this line

Gagner    Doug(Weight)    Cogliano   -  this addresses the need for  a decent 2nd line center to take the draws for the kids

Moreau    Horcoff   Pisani  - this is that 'best third line in hockey' made reality 

MacIntyre  Pouliot   Stortini   - the fourth line, always good for trouble and now MacIntyre scoring LMAO

Souray   Visnovsky   - together they equal a Pronger/Phaneuf level player(sorry Oilers fans i like Phaneuf) 

Gilbert   Grebeshkov - outstanding second pairing defence pairing for offense - I hope Tambelinni figures out a way to sell the farm and leave this lineup intact for the playoffs

Smid    Peckham  - Theo is our secret weapon  

DeLauriers _anyone but Conkannen 

STATE OF OILERS AT ALL STAR BREAK Plus predictions for spring

Please feel free to comment/attack my estimates since I have no idea if any of it holds water :P



Souray, Visnovsky, are all stars
Gilbert and Grebeshkov top puck moving solid d men

equal to or better than 2006 

wont catch: Sharks, Wings
                     Hawks, Flames

prediction: not this season, too many holes in the team until playoffs

Oilers competition for 5th-8th

Yotes - good
CBJ - good
Nucks - drama
Ducks - drama
Wild - good
Stars - drama/good/fading
Avs - fading

PREDICTION FOR PLAYOFFS(if everything remains the same)Oilers will end up in 7th or 8th


best defence
Roloson good/bad
JDD team must use lol 

Eastern Conference playoff predictions estimates:(sketchy at best)

Boston? - choke since 1972 lol, but have to include them
Wash - Ovechkin best team out east 
Habs - very good but pressure might screw them 

NJD - nah
NYR - no toughness
Philly - no defence

Buff - no
Canes - no
Florida - you never know but no
Penguins - hilarious no fucking wingers!

Oilers v Capitals final? Probably no, but Oilers won't go quietly. Wings/Sharks both have been bounced by this team, and must dread a first or second round matchup, which will destroy any chance of a repeat, or first cup.

Oilers for 93 points, 7th or 8th in Conference!

MacTavish shows the method to plodding forward.

I'm totally happy with Roloson, and the Souray defence. 

Tambellini needs to pick up some spare body parts for spring, 2-3 new players are the best, but a lot of the farmhands have played up here in case of injury.

Peca and Sansonov would be ideal, lol circa 2006. I'll leave that to Tambellini.

Oilers to get 93 points and 7th/8th playoff spot

Oilers will make the playoffs. 

The bad news is, they will likely be meeting the Sharks/Red Wings in round 1.

In a way I feel sorry for the other 2 teams. They will have to play a pretty good team, that they're 'supposed' to beat.

Having been railing against the Oilers for most of the season, I have decided to stop. Seriously. With a top 6 defence(ok top 5, sorry Steve) that looks better and better with every game, I'm starting to see what they're trying to do. 

Uber fast defence playing the puck up to the forwards, with a rope a dope depending on the goalie. Oilers hockey.

Okay, I'm sold. 

This is one scary looking pic

So if the Oilers go .600 from here until the end of the season, they will either end up in 7th or 8th place, and meet either the Red Wings or the Sharks. 


The consolation being, Oilers probably aren't the team either wants to meet in round one.

Anderson and Messier look like comic book villians from the upcoming Batman movie.

I don't know if they scare anyone else, but they sure scare the hell out of me.


Astonishing as it might seem, I come from four generations of leaders(industry and military); if I were the coach I'd get the team together and with a big smile on my face I'd say something like:

"I don't play favourites. We're going to start winning, as of today. it might not show up on the scoreboard for a few games, but from now on everyone is going to be one the same page, like it or not!

From today we have no captain, and no assistant captains. We're going to hold an election in ten days... a secret start thinking today who you want because whoever gets the most votes will be wearing the 'C', and the second and third picks will get the 'A's."

Then I'd either give them the day off, or else bag skate them until every one of them puked their guts out. All shot on multiple cameras, so my assistants could analyse each and every one of them for weaknesses, both physical and mental.

After that I'd buy everyone dinner, and we'd all get blind drunk. Together. 

By the end of the first week I'd know exactly who the non-hackers were, and they'd be eliminated from the team. 

PS: "If any of you don't want to be here, let me know by the end of the week. We will trade you, without any bad feelings or press releases to follow you out of town. I'm sure you're all good players."

PPS: And if I ever heard anyone from the office yapping about the players in any derogatory way, I'd storm into their office and piss on their desk.