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A New Day Dawns

Amazing Oilers first in the Western Conference.

Random thoughts on tonight's game:

Cam Barker scored a world class goal.

Avalanche PP: Tonight Forced to play against relentlessness of young organised opponent, every zone on the ice.
Pretty Good Powerplay. B+

Tom Gilbert Blocked a Shot.

Gagner- Pajaarvi- Belanger Line are good. B+.

5:32 left in the Game: 3-1 Oilers totally in control of the game.

Devan Dubnyk: 1.00 GAA A+ Performance.

Points after 10 games:

RNH 10
Eberle 9
Hall 9
Smyth 8

Potter 6
Horcoff 6
Jones 3
Gilbert 2
Barker! 1 Goal! 1 Penalty!
Sutton 1 Goal.


1- Oilers will have 24+ Points at the 20 Game Mark.
2- all but guaranteed 1-2 blowout games in the next 10.
3- Kid Line guaranteed to score 7-9 games out of 10.
4- predict 6th place at the end of the year;
5- 1 playoff round win

odds: 6 to 1 against any of 1-5. 5 dollar bet.

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