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The Semis are here! The Semis are here!

It's that time of year. When a handful of teams are left, and I have to choose which ones I hate the least.

Boston Bruins: Nothing against the Bruins, aside from history. They've won 5 cups, same as the Oilers. if they win another then they go ahead in the series. Boo!

Tampa Bay Lightning: One of my bandwagon teams. The Flames positively HATE the Bolts, so go go go!

Detroit Red Wings: Too many post-Oilers cups for my liking. Also, I hate Todd Bertuzzi. Also...

Vancouver Canucks: Pre-season I picked them to come out of the west. Now that they're looking like covering my bet, I wish to fuck they'd just fall flat on their faces. Boo!!

San Jose Sharks: What's not to like? Heatley? Blah, I am with these guys all the way! Go Sharkies! Go go go!

HUNTER's hope for the finals: Bolts v Sharks

HUNTER's HEAD PICKS: Bruins v Canucks.

Draft Update: I hope they pick Hedman(oops)...err...Larsson. But whoever they pick, I can't complain, unless they go for a reach pick that terminally fucks them up for the next 20 years. This IS a distinct possibility, given the fact that Kevin Lowe's still hanging around.

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