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Why Never to Trust the Oilers Drafting Anyone Ever

Here are a pair of bona fide first round Oiler busts from the past decade of futility.

Luckily one has found himself - on another team, lol.

Schremp is now a point per game player, although over a small sample size.

Of course he wasn't getting 2-3 million a season, so they just couldn't keep him. No, better to keep wimpy little creeps like Nilsson and O'Sullivan around, to provide punching bags for the opposition, without any fear of actual offensive production in return.

It's the Oilers way.

It's Weird

How everyone seems to have suddenly realised exactly what a shitty organisation the Oilers have become since Lowe took over. Hell, since Messier was "traded".

A losing culture, that will never stop until those "leaders" ala Moreau, Staios, and yes, Horcoff, are all run out of town on a rail.

Oh well, the Gaylords of Hockey(that's Calgary Flames to the uninformed) are getting their asses handed to them with that all star defence.

We get to draft Hall/Seguin/Fowler.

It Really is Their Fault

This is the fact: Oilers today sit 29th in a 30 team league.

If this were the English soccer league, we'd be staring at the AHL for next season.


Personally I'm worried these twats might yet pull out another fucked up winning streak, that would be nothing more than a losing streak.

You know what? If Oilers can't even get a top three lottery pick from this season, I think I might be through with them. It's getting beyond a joke.

PS: It's getting to the point where I'm almost afraid to see how well Rob Schremp's doing. Case in point - last night he didn't score in regulation and I'm breathing a sigh of relief, only to see he scored first in the shootout. I want to cry, except it's tears of apathy.

What the management of these Oilers fears the most

Oilers as a laughingstock is going to force changes on this team faster than anything else imaginable.

Suddenly, they're a laughingstock.

I can wait if there's a plan

What worries me the most, is that Tambellini's going to pull a 1970-71 California Seals, and trade away our precious lottery pick for an "established" player.

Let's look at some the recent UFA's to the OIlers:

Souray - Overpaid, injury prone, too many years
Khabibulin - Injury prone, too many years

Now let's look at some of the recent great White Whales Lowe's been chasing:

Jagr - Over the hill, insanely expensive
Vanek - WTF 4 1ST ROUND PICKS!!@!!!!!

Meanwhile, the team is completely unbalanced, Tambellini promises and fails to deliver, and we the fans are somehow at fault, according to the management's mantra.

So. Are the Oilers doomed?

Not if they keep their fucking draft picks, and develop them properly.


Okay. Imagine a poll, which center would you prefer Shawn Horcoff or Craig MacTavish? Would MacT win? If so, this proves a third line centre is the donkey "leading" this team to the promised land of Taylor Hall.

Then there's the small matter of Schremp. 7 points in his last 7 games. I'm a big Schremp fan, because I love the idea of yanks coming out of nowhere and dominating the NHL in weird ways ever since I first heard about Jimmy(relation of Kit) Carson. What happens next year, if/when Schremp turns out to be a point a game or better player????? He's already playing on a better team than the Oilers.

Call me Bandwagon Isles from here on

I'd post more but no one wants to comment, so I guess you can all fuck yourselves.

I'm a shit blogger anyway.

I want to Oilers to pick 1st in the draft. Therefore I cheer their failures, every single one of them.

I want Moreau to stay as captain, I want Souray to break his hand beating someone up, I don't ever want to hear Khabibulin's feeling better.

I want this team to go out and blow for the next 40 games. Lose 12-0 to the Flames, for example.