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The Oilers are 1 point away from 30th. And with this, the right to draft one or the other of the premiere players in the upcoming draft.

Now consider the Flames. They're right where the Oilers spent the last decade, with a team that's not good enough to go far but not bad enough to get the top draft picks. They're maxed to the cap, with a lot of heartless or disinterested players, and are basically fucked.

I almost feel sorry for them, because i know what they're about to go through.

Who knows?

I know one thing. Oilers are the worst team in the NHL.

That's good. They can't get any worse.

The next question is, how long will they remain the worst, and will they ever reach the number 1 spot?

Oilers to be the Star's bitches again in future?

Recently I'm reading Oiler fans(almost certainly ones who are too young to have seen THE DYNASTY) talking about moving down in the upcoming draft, in order to get hidden/perceived "gems".

This reminds me of the old fable about the dog with a bone that sees it's reflection in the water, and, thinking the dog in the water has a bigger bone than it, proceeds to lose the real bone grabbing for the reflection.

Oilers fucked up that 3 first round selection draft royally. Sam Gagner(a great pick), Alex Plante(a stupid pick), the Riley"I think going to a soft Ivy league college is more important than playing NHL hockey" Nash(a ridiculously stupid pick).

Obviously the Oilers "organisation" lives in a fantasy world, just like these deluded fans. None of them seem to realise that you simply go for the best player available, and in the year of Plante/Nash that would have been Alex Cherapanov.

Even now, I'd still make that pick.


Last night I got drunk. Recently haven't been too active on the sauce. Not sure exactly why, but it feels better to be normal than pissed out of my head one night then shitfaced all the next day. I don't understand why.