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LOL @ Oilers beating the Quacks

I'm pretty certain Oilers finish in 8th. Technically since New Year, I've been imagining 7th, but always felt Oilers are just too fucked up to get that "high".

It also appears there is a civil war going on in the dressing room. On one hand a mediocre 'core' of vets, and a pretty decent but still developing bunch of kids.  Add a coach who for all intents and purposes is a basket case(alcoholism kills MILLIONS  upon MILLIONS of brain cells), and you end up with a paper mache kind of team.

I'm glad they will play the Wings in round 1. Wings will think Oilers are roadkill, after the hammerings they've given them so far, but, in the playoffs, Oilers aren't as shit as the record suggests. 

Eight Long Years of Shit Hockey

I'm currently on a 4-0-0 win streak predicting the Oilers last games. 

It's easy! You just figure out the loser psychology of this sad sack MacT "led" team, and the results come your way.

Now Hemsky wants out, LMAOOOOOO!!

Cue the Oilers  "MY HOCKEY TEAM CRAP OR GOOD" brigade. 

Then Hemsky can go to a real team, and everyone can start hyping Eberle, or whatever teenaged 'sensation' the party line tells us to salivate over. 

Along of course, with the annual 'let's fuck up the future to bring in a washed up old star player', that the old time expansion teams used to play. 

Correct Me If I'm Wrong But...

Here is my analysis re the NHL since last time Oilers won the cup. If there are errors, please feel free to correct me.

This is based on league success and cup winning success since 1991:

Boston - league success     no cups
NJ        - league success           cups 
Wash   - no league success   no cups    BUT WITH OVECHKIN SHOULD WIN CUPS IN FUTURE
Philly   - league success        no cups
Habs    - no league success     cup
Panthers  - no league success  no cups 
NYR     - league success           cup
Pitts     - league success           cups     WITH CROSBY ETC IN LINE FOR MORE SUCCESS
Buff     - league success       no cups
Carolina - no league success   cup
TO        - no league success    no cups
Sens     - league success        no cups
Tampa - no league success     cup
Atlanta - no league success    no cups
NYI      - no league success    no cups

Wings   - league success     cups
SJ          - league success    no cups
Flames  - no league success    no cups
Hawks  -  no league success    no cups
Nucks   - no league success     no cups
CBJ      - no league success     no cups
OILERS - no league success  no cups
Preds     - no league success   no cups
Ducks    - no league success      cup
Stars      - league success          cup
Wild      - no league success   no cups
Blues      - league success        no cups
Kings    - no league success    no cups
Yotes     - no league success   no cups
Avs        - league success           cups

We are now left with 14 teams who have neither had much success in the league, or in cup wins.

Now, subtract the expansion teams since 1991:  Florida, Atlanta, Columbus, Nashville, Minnesota

We are now left with 9 teams: 

From this we subtract the Capitals, because with Ovechkin only an idiot would argue they aren't virtually guaranteed a cup or more.

We now have 8 teams. 

Of these, it's fairly obvious that the Hawks might be about to make a move to the top of the ladder. 

We now have 7 teams: Toronto, NY Islanders in the east; Calgary, Canucks, Oilers, Kings and Yotes. 

I would probably argue that the Flames look pretty decent right now, as does the Kings future-wise. 

We now have 5 teams: Toronto, NY Islanders, Canucks, Oilers, and Yotes = the dregs of the NHL