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Growing up I was fortunate to have a dynasty of a hockey team to support.

Then, just as I reached the age of rebellion, I saw that selfsame dynasty tossed away - no, pissed away by a bunch of small town thinking losers. It helped lead me to the conclusion that in order to find my own destiny, I too would eventually leave the small market where I originated from.

For quite a few years I pretty well ignored the Oilers. Nothing much to ignore really. Now, they're sort of looking promising. I wish they were more promising, and maybe by this time next season they will be, but that's what I've thought for the past several seasons.

Astonishingly, Gretzky made Edmonton an interesting city to the rest of the world.


Bar Qu said...

hunter, I'd love to get your full explanation for the post you left over at my site. I don't totally care what you think about me, but it seemed a bit over the top considering the blandness of the post.

hunter1909 said...

Bar Qu, if I even remembered half of the rubbish I typed online I'd be a rich man.

All I can say is I apologise, for taking something you stated(probably true) in another blog, then venting at you.

Thanks for asking, but I seem to use this Oilers hobby(from my POV) to gain relief from a terrifically pressure filled professional situation.

I grew up online in chat rooms talking to lunatics, and to date still haven't gotten over those original heady times.

Bar Qu said...

Fair enough. That helps me understand where you are coming from elsewhere too.

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