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Come on Boston!

No team with players who look like this do I want winning the cup.

Bruins, because my GF says so lol

So, while sitting around with my gf...I decided to test her vast sports knowledge by asking her who wins the cup this year. She said Bruins.


Okay. These dudes are in. Just like this blogger predicted last October, I might like to add.

Their opponents shake down into one of the following:


The Semis are here! The Semis are here!

It's that time of year. When a handful of teams are left, and I have to choose which ones I hate the least.

Boston Bruins: Nothing against the Bruins, aside from history. They've won 5 cups, same as the Oilers. if they win another then they go ahead in the series. Boo!

Tampa Bay Lightning: One of my bandwagon teams. The Flames positively HATE the Bolts, so go go go!

Detroit Red Wings: Too many post-Oilers cups for my liking. Also, I hate Todd Bertuzzi. Also...

Vancouver Canucks: Pre-season I picked them to come out of the west. Now that they're looking like covering my bet, I wish to fuck they'd just fall flat on their faces. Boo!!

San Jose Sharks: What's not to like? Heatley? Blah, I am with these guys all the way! Go Sharkies! Go go go!

HUNTER's hope for the finals: Bolts v Sharks

HUNTER's HEAD PICKS: Bruins v Canucks.

Draft Update: I hope they pick Hedman(oops)...err...Larsson. But whoever they pick, I can't complain, unless they go for a reach pick that terminally fucks them up for the next 20 years. This IS a distinct possibility, given the fact that Kevin Lowe's still hanging around.