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Terrified Predictions

Okay, I'm 4-4 from round 1 - ridiculous considering I(kind of) picked the Canucks to reach the finals in the reg season.

Pens v Habs - Penguins in a walkover. They're almost two time winners already.

Boston v Philly - The hunch says go with Pronger, so Philly it is.

Sharks v Wings - Wings all the way, until they lose.

Hawks v Canucks - This pains me the most, but I'm going back to the nucks.

I wouldn't be surprised to go 0-4 this time.

Draft him

Oilers lucked out for a big difference and now are able to select Taylor Hall in the lottery draft.

Steve Bonsignore(Jason?), no one needs a second dose of that in a lifetime.


Washington over Montreal in a walk.

Philly over Jersey.

Sabres over Boston(hope they take Seguin).

Pens over Sens...

Avs over Sharks(Sharks get bounced eventually, this is percentages plus Avs might surprise).

Hawks over Preds in a batttle.

Kings over Nucks, as Nuck fans celebrating their 2010 cup win can now return to normal programming.

Wings over Yotes - I wouldn't pick the Wings to go far yet, but like the old Oilers they know what winning is.