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It's November and Oilers Still Contending

Like forever, and I've been predicting the Oilers to finish in 6th place.

And like forever, the Oilers have iced a rotten, patched up, horrible team in one way or another.

This season, I honestly think there is every chance for once I'll turn out to be correct, and here are some of the reasons:

1 - Oilers now have two bona fide scoring lines. Sorry, but since the dynasty I honestly don't remember any other time that this was true.

2 - Oilers have a coach that doesn't constantly annoy me. What I mean is, the MacT era was about entitlement - not only for veterans(who MacT loved), but for MacT and his ilk themselves; that is, clearly second rate former Oilers who rode the coat tails of the greats...then made a lifetime living off of their good luck.

3 - Everyone on the team has bought into Renney's system. Can there be anything cooler than watching mediocre players elevate their game? Compare this with the POS era - where POS(just one example) would prefer to skate 500 feet away from anything remotely painful. Now I see everyone blocking shots with glee.

I suppose these 'reasons' aren't very well thought out. So fucking what?

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