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Logic of Losers

Here's one of the many ways that losers come to their poor decisions:

- Hey we have a 30th place team!
- We're getting to pick first!
- But we always wanted a big centerman, and the BPA is a winger!
- No problem!
- Let's go for that big centerman anyway, I've got 6 cup rings!

"But what about the best player available? He might turn out to be another Mark Messier!"

- We've got lots of wing prospects coming up the pipes who look great(in junior, in Sweden etc) - we need a centre!

"Jani Rita was considered the 2nd best prospect in all hockey, whatever happened to him? Also, a 30th place team has to flat out stink - why not draft the best player, the one who's been pimped for the past 3 years as the number 1 pick?"

- We always wanted a big centerman, and the BPA is a winger!
- I have 6 cup rings!
- Look at how many push ups he can do! The other guy can't do any!

"That's because while your pick was at home practising, the other guy was starring in the Memorial Cup, as two time MVP(never happened before in history by the way)."

- Ah, so what! Central Scouting has my guy rated ahead of him! He gets hit too much! Who needs players like that!?

"Central Scouting, riight - the organisation where scouts go that can't even find a real job working for a real NHL team."

- I've got 6 cup rings!
- We sure have got a lot of wingers!

The finals are here!

Philly takes the cup.

I know, the Hawks are great, but Philly has Pronger, and goons, and Kane might end up with his 160 pound arse in ER by the time this series is through.

Win or lose, this is one cup I won't worry too much over who wins it in the end.

WTF predicting playoffs isn't so easy!

I'm 6-8 LOL.

Unless the habs come back, which they won't in their abysmal series v the cheesesteaks.
It sure was easier in the old days, when you got the Oilers v the Jets, etc.

Just draft Hall, okay?

Some Oiler fan calls Hall "a rich man's Ryan Smyth". I call him a potential Gordie Howe.

Thursday May 13 Predictions in a Hurry

Habs for the finals in the east - they're playing lights out like a team I remember in 2006, and probably keep M.A. Bergeron off the ice in game 1.

Whoever beat the nucks for the west.

Canucks fans, saying the season's been a dismal failure, LOL.