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Seems like in the early 1960's the deal was that metropolitan NYC had over half the hard drug users in America - the war on drugs back then was seen as a good fight against a bad thing(drugs).

Fast forward to 2010 - and you have to wonder what the market share for NY is, now that every part of the USA is now drug infested, with all the profits going to organised crime lords.

The point is, drugs will never go away. Part of their allure is the fact that kids think they're "cool" and it's more of a right of passage thing to take them. Also, some people will die from drugs of course, like alcohol users, or car drivers, or gun users.

So legalise everything - including smack. In other words, de-mystify them, and make them available either on prescription, or some other relatively easy to obtain manner. Take the casualties and treat them like the sick fucks they are- while providing them with the drugs their bodies need.

Of course the retards running things will never be able to do this - so instead organised crime will continute to rot the fabric of society, safe from the authorities, who prefer to exercise "control" over their charges...oops I mean citizens.