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Playoff Update, NHL first round

Bruins Win. Take stranglehold on series, if win game 6.

I had this big rant all ready to go, until Boston scored. I'm a bandwagon Habs fan.

If Oilers take Nugent(Hoppy), I want to start the first ever in the world lobby to draft him as NUGENT. Think about it. Oilers can start playing Ted Nugent music a lot at the games. Eventually Ted shows up and plays between periods. 1 song is perfect.

When he grows up, in 2 seasons we can start to say something about Nugent, who if he stays healthy will be coming off his rookie season with new wily veterans Hall, Paajarvi, Eberle, and think of the last time Oilers had 4 potential game breaking players it's 1990 or earlier.

If they take Larsson, I plan to defer to the Oilers knowing which pick is better.

PS: Vancouver up against the wall, those were major beatings Thank You Raffi! Angry Hawks look from a higher league than our current President's Cup holders.

hunter 11:11 pm, after the Boston OT win heading to Montreal up 3-2.

May the best team win.

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