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No Problem to Cast this Oiler

No wonder the Bruins wanted Hall - he's a ringer for Matt Damon.

Happy New Year btw.

October's Oilers

No matter how low the team sinks(currently 26th overall), I will remain giddy re the possibilities having seen the team playing great for the 1st 20 games.

Silver Linings

Since Hall went down I admit my interest in the Edmonton Oilers has plummeted. RNH is a fantastic rookie, and it's great to see him(and Eberle for that matter) thriving on the Hall-less team, but the difference between the Oilers lining up with Hall vs without are astonishing, and not in a good way.

At times like this I feel safe evaluating the 2011-2012 Edmonton Oilers:

With Hall: 6th place and win 1 round in playoffs.

Without Hall: 12 place, just out of the lottery.

This is why it was frustrating when Hall went down against the Avalanche. In the flash of an eye the Oilers became a struggling hockey team...a good one potentially, but just not right now.

Cam Barker get well soon!
Linus Omark get well soon!

PS: Anyone else notice that Taylor Hall looks like Gumby?