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Karma is A Bitch

As a hockey player, Chris Pronger was easily the best Oiler I saw since Mark Messier. Remove Pronger from the 2006 playoffs, and the Oilers don't even get into them.

As a human being, Pronger has allowed his considerable talent to overshadow his character, or lack of it. He's allowed himself to become something I'm sure he never was as a 4 year old - that is, an arrogant prick.

So. now he's hurt. I'm supposed to care? Why? Because all human life is sacred? If so, then why does the press bleat about the death of certain politicians(Libya comes to mind) being a good thing?

Not wanting to be a hypocrite, I prefer to let Pronger suffer. As a player he's always been a prick. So, why should anyone care, when for a change he's the one suffering?

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