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Fuck me i can't pick winners in team sports at all

At the start of this tournament i declared in my stupid way that neither Spain or Holland had a chance in hell of winning the World Cup - now tomorrow they tee off to decide just how big of a moron yours truly can be.

I pick Holland, even though Spain hammered the krauts. After all, anyone who can stuff(and i mean stuff) Brazil should just have the cup handed to them right there and then.

It's weird, because these nations used to be one sort of...until something happened about 400 years ago. My history on this stinks so...

Anyway I hope it's the Dutch. Spain look great, so it's going to be a good final, no matter what.

So Much For Predictions

Cor Blimey Guv!

Holland and Spain to contest for the World Cup!

Am a bandwagon Holland fan. Great team, great looking women, coffee shops, and all the rest.