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I'm through with the Oilers - finally

What are my reasons? How about since the Mark Messier trade?

I was brought up to assume my team could skate, score, and control it's destiny. Then, piece by piece, my childish ideas were replaced, well before they should have been, with the cynicism of professional incompetance in sports.

For years I was fed the bullshit that the Oilers were hopefully about to turn the corner.

It's all bullshit.

The Calgary Flames have a pretty good hockey team, to go with their up and coming city. Edmonton hasn't.

Oh well. Now I will be able to concentrate on other things, like whatever I should have been doing instead of wasting my time fretting over a rotten to the core...ROTTEN TO THE CORE hockey club.

Oh yeah. The pic. Stalingrad kids, taken in the 1950's after they found a few things lying around to play with. LOL.

Which proves you're actually better off living in a society where you're left to your own devices, rather than the soft little wusses addicted to RockBand.

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