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What's the Use in Even Caring Anymore?

I've been an official Oilers fan ever since 1983. That's quite a lot longer than most of the current fans, some of whom were not even alive back then.

But, why even bother? The team as constituted as of Sept 30, 2009, is absolutely pathetic.

It might as well be 2000, for all of the hope they offer the fans.

Personally i don't give a monkey's about Fernando Pisani, Ethan Moreau, Shawn Horcoff, or honestly any of those millionaire prats.

I was a huge Rob Schremp supporter, that is, until yesterday when, after spending a few days off the computer screen I returned only to see he's been waved/is an Islander.

Right now I'd love to be an Isles fan. Top drafted player in Tavares, Schremp, and the future to look forward to.

What exactly do the Oilers have to look forward to? Fighting for 8th? Seeing if any of their mediocre crop of young players will develop enough to be able to hold the team to ransom in 2-3 years? Or wondering what will happen when old man Quinn drops dead behind the bench?

Sorry, but until Katz ices a team that's either favoured to win the cup or in the finals, I might as well be distancing myself from this abortion of a hockey franchise.

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