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This is what I'm talking about

Here's the dark and yes, satanic side to the Oilers. Pat Laforge, who's been squawking to the press recently about how the FILTHY RICH DRUG DEALER OWNER doesn't want to keep pouring money down the black hole that's the Edmonton Oilers.

Anyway, this is exactly what Pocklington started all those years ago, then dutifully carried on(I mean whining to the press, with the veiled threat of taking the Oilers out of Edmonton), and even tacitly kept going by the good old EIG.

Here's what hunter1909 would do if he was the say, mayor of Edmonton: I'd simply tell the Oilers: "Okay. Get the fuck out, as soon as the Northlands lease runs out. because, we're going to be trying to get one of the southern NHL teams up here, once they've realised that they're all losing money faster than a crack house on Baffin island".

Then what will Laforge, Lowe, and Katz do? Where exactly are they planning to move the Oilers to, anyway? Las Vegas? With the worst fucking economy in America, I rather doubt it. Portland? Um, has anyone who reads this blog actually ever been to Portland should be able to see that it's a single economy city(lumber), with fuck all hockey tradition(like Seattle), etc.

I'd love to see the Oilers move. I'd far prefer to have the Predators, Panthers, Hurricanes, Coyotes here, than these second rate gangsters.

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