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Fan Sentimentality in Professional Sports 2009

I can understand the angst of the Hawks fans, when the odd guy out in this quartet was going through the incredibly sad and rapid decline of his physical abilities to play the game of hockey.

What I don't understand, is why Oilers fans, pussy whipped for the past 18+ seasons, cling to the hope that any of the others represent anything but the continuing mediocrity of the franchise.

Now, when I was seeking these pics, Pisani almost broke my heart, and mine is as black as they get. A truly nice human being, he is. Staios seems like a decent dude too, and I would want Moreau sitting at my table in the Kingsway bar when things get rowdy. But on my hockey team? Thanks guys, but no thanks.

Why? because, for various reasons all four of the pictured players were/are fairly USELESS to the reality of their respective hockey clubs.

Unlike many Oilers bloggers, I don't substitute hockey for religion. For me, it's a diversion from my stressful existence, a way to pass time when I've got nothing else to do but chase my girlfriend, drink and/or generally be a wastrel. In short, it helps keep me out of trouble.

Get it? it's something I do, for MY reasons.

These players make a lot more money than I do. In a society based upon greed, they're all coming out way ahead of me right now. So please, don't think for a SECOND I sit up night worrying about any of them. Any more than I worry about the status of women in Afghanistan.

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