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reasons to be cheerful about the Oilers on Septamber 15, 2009

Okay why is Pat Quinn a great coach for these Oilers?

1- He's not the gay shopteacher. This translates to: he's not playing favourites, no one goes into a psychic doghouse from hell, he has a fucking clue what he wants and most of the players are prepared to skate through brick walls for him.

2 - He knows when to delegate, and when to open his big fat irish gob. I'm irish, and, believe it or not, I work in an upper management position. Sometimes. When I'm in the chair, I usually try to do as little as possible. Why? it's not my job to do anything, it's my job to make sure everyone else is doing their job properly. If and only if there is a problem, normally will I so much as speak. In short, Pat's as lazy as I am. And lazy people so long as they have talent get along well in this life.

note; The jury's still out as to whether or not I've got talent for my profession, but wtf, I'm still doing it so maybe one day everyone will either agree that I'm talented, or alse I'll be out of work long enough to fiugure it out that I'm really a putz.

3 - He's too old to give a fuck about the future, therefore he's immune to the pathetic politicking coming from upstairs. Pat will soon be dead. He's not a young man, lol. So, he's basically going to do things his way, and fuck anyone who disagrees. It might either get him fired or else he's going to die behind the bench(I figure that's a cool way to die myself), but either way, he's not going to be like tambellini, a man who increasingly looks like a puppet for the dark forces running the Oilers.

4 - Mike Comrie has to go. Too small, too slow, too everything that's bad for the team. On the other hand, should Schremp make the team, I might even return to following them.

5 - It's been raining cat's and dogs most of today. Everyone looks crazy, after a month of beautiful weather. No one will remember the good weather in say, three to four more days if this keeps up(and golly it probably will keep up).

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