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Nice team Lowe!

Oilers roared off to a giddy 3-0 start, now are returning back to where they should be as the sink back to 3-2 and tonight the vaunted Flames will be fired up to drop Quinn another notch down the expectation scale.

I wonder what Quinn's thinking, now that he's actually working with these stiffs.

Veterans who have little to no veteran savvy, youngsters who have little talent, sluggers who can't fight.

Let's make a list of hackers and non hackers!

The good: Souray, Visnovsky, Khabibulin, Hemsky, THAT'S ALL FOLKS!

The mediocre: Grebeshkov, Gilbert, Smid, Horcoff, Penner, DesLauriers, Cogliano, Comrie, O'Sullivan, Stortini, Gagner, MacIntyre

The bad: Staios, Moreau, Pisani, Strudwick, Pouliot, Jacques, Nilsson

Still in camp, barely: Dubnyk, Peckham(IR), Chorney, Brule, Schremp, Reddox, Brennan, Eberle, Stone

I realise there are serious faults in my list. Some of the above players might shock and move up the list, but right now, it's only September, and the team already looks set to flounder.

So, let's make up a hunter1909 players who I want to get rid of list from the above: Comrie, Staios, Moreau, Pisani, Strudwick, Pouliot, Nilsson, Chorney, Reddox, Eberle(back to juniors for fuck sake do this kid a favour!).

Comrie is playing okay, that's just a sentimental decision, lol.

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