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Just as I decide I hate the Oilers, I get tossed a lifeline

Pat Quinn is a great coach right now. He's taken over a team that have had their collective asses raped over the past several years by that gay shopteacher MacTavish, and look to be totally responsive to Quinn's wit and Irish wisdom.

Being Irish myself(a dissolute great grandfather, then teetotal know the drill lol), lets me appreciate the effect of the gruff and charming coach, unlike non micks.

Looks like(September 15 today) that Schremp and Nillsson and Penner are all going to break out of their collective shells, under a real coach.

MacTavish was a fool. I think he's the fool Quinn was referrring to when he stated that only stupid people repeat the same mistakes. MacT wanted everything his own way, just like that gay shopteacher who lords it over the 20 odd junior high school boys, for one morning a week.

Quinn on the other hand brings a breath of fresh air to what can only be described as a moribund franchise.

Comrie I'm extremely glad to hear, sucks at camp so far. Maybe he gets cut, lol. I sure the fuck hope so. Talk about a fitting exit to that little creeps career. Then he can go work for his dad, flogging dodgy sticks of furniture or whatever.

I do like hearing about his girlfriend Hilary Duff handing out food to bums, sounds like a decent little chick.

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