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The Sweet Smell Of Success

One game.

But this accused fool understands hockey in ways most allegedly sane fans do not.


I was able to grow up with the greatest collection of offensive players in the history of hockey playing a few miles up the road from where I lived. Toss in Paul Coffey(in my opinion the greatest defencemen not named Bobby Orr), and the heart-attack goalie of all time in Mister Cokehead(elementary kids knew and discussed it at the time lol), and what are you left with? The Oxford University of hockey awareness.

Thurday's game was like watching some fantasy I've been harbouring since I more or less decided to get back into hockey viewing a decade ago. Namely, a seriously incredible team appearing in Oilers uniforms out of the blue, destroying the opposition. Well, I got my wish on Thursday night.

What's to come? Black Dog predicts a fairly easy schedule for October(I'm not so confident yet), and a really hard one in November(bring it on!).

Hall - skates around the offensive zone like it's the OHL.
MPS - already looks like a polished performer.
Eberle - the one player I had the most doubts about until Thursday. Oilers have stolen the next Mike Bossy.
Peckham - Dissed constantly, I always loved his rep from juniors. I've encountered a few guys like Theo - hard as nails, and simply painful to contact in any physical way. And I mean Painfull! You could tell by the third period the Flames were already scared to go near him.

This team is seriously well coached(when the fuck was the last time Oilers could claim this!??). I have no worries going forward, none whatsoever. The boys have the right sutff, and the right stuff isn't fragile.

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