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Just A Theory

I've always had this theory, that athletes sometimes need to be drafted by the right sports team, otherwise their careers languish.

Reggie Leach is a good example of this. I don't know who drafted him, but he was going nowhere in Boston(insane stacked team) and California(insane bad team) before going over to the Flyers where after being re-conjoined(excuse the expression, but I took a sentential calculus course once) with his junior linemate Bobby Clarke, instantly became an NHL star.

The reason I use Leach is one of my uncles saw the Flin Flon Bombers in the I dunno late 60's, and said that Leach, not Clarke was the best player on the ice.

Yet Clarke goes onto the captaincy of the Flyers, while poor Leach very nearly busts. Why? Does it follow that Gretzky's presense on the early Oilers helped the Messier's, Coffey's, Anderson's, and Kurri's, or would all of these guys have ended up starring anyway? Or, would some have been stars and some not have been stars?

I saw what an idiot savant(MacTavish did to Jani Rita and a whole lot of other young talented forwards, and I think I'm seeing the exact same situation in Toronto between Ron Wilson and Kadri.

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