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Is This Really Far Fetched?

I know. I picked the Oilers to finish 6th in the West, and until it's lottery day I'm going to stick to my water pistols...err...guns.

Last night's game v the Hawks proves one thing - these Oilers are a potential cup winner down the road. Sure the Hawks thought this would be an easy game, and sure they looked a hell of a lot more competant say, in the late second period...but as we all know the race doesn't always go to the most talented. It goes to the most prepared, the one who is ready to win on the day.

I see the Oilers of 2010-11 as a team that's going to be getting it's ass handed to them by the big bad tight checking teams, and even then look out because if Hall and company explode like they already have for a few early or late can check all you want with a 3 goal deficit and you still lose the game when the buzzer sounds.

Similarly, those teams(like the Hawks) who are good enough to actually play hockey the way it's meant to be played, these teams will want to play and the 2010-11 Oilers will accomodate them.

Sure they have holes, sure the defence is nothing to write home about and blah blah blah. Hockey is a game of mistakes, of percentages, and ultimately of willpower. It's a game of talent also, which is manifested in Daigle like losers with all the talent in the world but no idea or guts to see the thing through, or the Bobby Orr/Taylor Hall types who actually do everything they can to get better and win.

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