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Biggest Game of the Season Tonight!

Only four games in and geez, this is a huge game for the youngsters.

Only one of them has managed to score, and the last game result means that unless the boys manage a W tonight they're already starting a losing streak.

Obviously many think this is just a bad team, going nowhere, but until I see the wheels fall off am maintaining my bold 6th place finish, lol.

You have to laugh. The odds right now look debatable, but sooner than later some of that trio will explode, and hey the Flames are already our girlfriends this season, with highlight reels to prove it.

PS: Only just learned the Flame's lost haha so they're definitely ripe for the taking tonight.

Huge game for the young Oilers - win and everything is forgiven and they have almost a week until their next game; lose and only four games in and they're on their first losing streak.

Incredibly, a L for the Flames sticks them firmly behind the eight ball, less than 10 games into the season. Hilarious.

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