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Flames = bad Oilers

Darryl Sutter's gone absolutely barking mad.

He's gone and traded one of the most exciting young players in the game for Toronto's second and third rate trash.

Something now tells me that the Flames and Oilers are run in the same manner - the "vets" call the shots with a sense of entitlement, while the young whippersnappers are expected to stfu.

Then on the coaching side, the players are expected to fit the coaches model, regardless of well, whatever. This would hark back to the MacT era, of course, since Quinn doesn't give a fuck about anything.

Clearly Dion Phaneuf wasn't interested in toeing that particular line of letting the "vets" run the team, and so ends up booted off to the Leafs, where he will probably blossom into a superstar player.

All of which for this Oilers and new Phaneuf fan(well he is a local boy), is absolutely wonderful.

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