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Everything Going To Plan

When Oilers had 5 games coming up before the Olympic break, I decided to make a projection for Wins/Losses/OT losses that ended up having them lose the next three games, followed by a win then OT loss(in no particular order).

So far everything's working out.

Then I check the standings. The Leafs aren't winning like I want them to, as a result threaten first place were Oilers to start winning any of their games. It's hard to be a last place team when you win.

Oilers 42 points.
Leafs 49 points.

So, Oilers take 3 out of their next 4 points and suddenly the Leafs are right back into the 30th place derby.

Oh yeah - Messier with the cup to my mind is the last time Oilers had a good team.

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