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Katz Speaks!

Katz talked to the press yesterday, and not surprisingly, made a whole lot of sense.

He accepts that Oilers are rebuilding, is committed to getting them back on top, and like me is a fan a lot longer than he's owned the team.

I doubt it Tambellini gets canned this year. I also doubt even more that Lowe gets the chop. Like it or not, we're stuck with both of them.

I don't know obviously whether this is a good thing or not. Maybe Kevin Lowe isn't a moron, despite his actions to the contrary(handing out star contracts to clearly second rate players for a start). Maybe Tambellini isn't a total fool, despite the fact the team is in 30th, after the now almost obligatory announcement pre season that yes, Oilers were going to the playoffs.

Besides, with everyone whining about the exact same shite I've been yelling about for the past 20 years, it's all starting to get boring.

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