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Why Never to Trust the Oilers Drafting Anyone Ever

Here are a pair of bona fide first round Oiler busts from the past decade of futility.

Luckily one has found himself - on another team, lol.

Schremp is now a point per game player, although over a small sample size.

Of course he wasn't getting 2-3 million a season, so they just couldn't keep him. No, better to keep wimpy little creeps like Nilsson and O'Sullivan around, to provide punching bags for the opposition, without any fear of actual offensive production in return.

It's the Oilers way.


hunter1909 said...

lol fooled you didnt I?

hunter1909 said...

Flames fans whining a million times louder than Oiler fans!!!

hunter1909 said...

I just fooled myself.