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Call me Bandwagon Isles from here on

I'd post more but no one wants to comment, so I guess you can all fuck yourselves.

I'm a shit blogger anyway.

I want to Oilers to pick 1st in the draft. Therefore I cheer their failures, every single one of them.

I want Moreau to stay as captain, I want Souray to break his hand beating someone up, I don't ever want to hear Khabibulin's feeling better.

I want this team to go out and blow for the next 40 games. Lose 12-0 to the Flames, for example.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, one day you will have a blog like Lowetide and have a bunch of stats minions sucking you off too. haha

hunter1909 said...


Anonymous said...

jesus christ. stop. no more.

Black Dog said...

WTF, you do have a blog.

And Souray did break his hand.

hunter1909 said...

Yeah Lowetide basically invited me to in order to deflect the worst my anti-Oilers raving. Lowetide's a great blogger, probably the best of all time. Tolerant as anything.

This blog is just a load of crap, but I don't care. I never did care much about the internet, other than a means of communication for everyone else.

Communication(in real life) is something I've never had much, if any problem with.