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I can wait if there's a plan

What worries me the most, is that Tambellini's going to pull a 1970-71 California Seals, and trade away our precious lottery pick for an "established" player.

Let's look at some the recent UFA's to the OIlers:

Souray - Overpaid, injury prone, too many years
Khabibulin - Injury prone, too many years

Now let's look at some of the recent great White Whales Lowe's been chasing:

Jagr - Over the hill, insanely expensive
Vanek - WTF 4 1ST ROUND PICKS!!@!!!!!

Meanwhile, the team is completely unbalanced, Tambellini promises and fails to deliver, and we the fans are somehow at fault, according to the management's mantra.

So. Are the Oilers doomed?

Not if they keep their fucking draft picks, and develop them properly.

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