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I'm starting to get bored by the Oilers

Once upon a time, when I was a youngster, the Oilers ruled the universe of hockey.

Then, while still a youngster, I got to see my team turned over like a Times Square hooker.

Then, for the next decade or so(longer but I'm getting bored with even counting the years), the OIlers were a mediocre franchise, team, everything. The model of a pathetic, small market franchise.

Last year they finally fire dodo MacTavish, and bring in Quinn etc. Great. Good times ahead.

But no one bothered to tell the general manager that the players stink. No one has bothered to tell the general manager that his job is to manage the fucking team. But since he obviously doesn't the Oilers today are essentially in the same position player and contract wise as they were before he was hired.


I'm simply starting not to care. Seriously. Last night against the Avalanche, all I could think was how small the Oiler forwards were. You know, just like the last time Dallas pasted them in the playoffs. Come to think of it, 2006 aside, that was the last time this craptastic franchise has even been in the fucking playoffs.

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