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Response to inevitable "let's thank" MacT nonsense

"Can we take a moment to tip the hat in the direction of Craig MacTavish" - Actually, no. This unqualified tool was handed the hopes and dreams of a sports community for eight seasons, and never iced anything but a mediocre team.

"He coddled some" - Yeah, the third rate vets who he treated like a gay shopteacher grooms the geeky kids.

"Yelled at others" - Yeah, by going to the fawning local media and in the process showed anyone who's anyone just what a tool he really was.

"And went too far with Dustin Penner" - Not quite. Penner simply refused to listen to this twit. How strange, how Penner blossoms the moment MacT is gone?

"I think it's impossible to view this team moving forward without acknowledging the previous coach" - While we're on the topic, let's all thank that eleven year old who farted at the right time in Okinawa.

"He did teach the Gagner's and the Cogliano's" - To regress.

"What future success this team enjoys is at least a little about the lessons learned from a very smart man" - WTF is everyone going on about MacT being smart? Because he wears glasses? The dude comes off to me like some kind of narky self serving dickhead. But that's just me, and three quarters of the Edmonton Oilers team.

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