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Hockey's a game about talent.

And the Oilers haven't got much.

Check out other teams in yhe NHL. The great players always rise in hockey. Bums go round and round, but the cream always rises.

Except in Edmonton Oilerland. We have "prospects" who are always drafted low in the first round or lower, who we hope will turn out to be "steals", but never fucking turn out to be anything much at all.

Stamkos in Tampa. Crosby in Pittburgh. Parise in New Jersey.

Oilers have Souray, who's horribly injury prone. Ditto Khabibulin. Ditto Visnovsky.

OIlers have pluggers who aren't really worth very much unless you're Kevin Lowe. Then you end up with Horcoff, Staios, Nilsson, Moreau all for the bargain basement price of around 12. million a season.

Then there are the wonderful kids. But none of them are doing very much.

No real defensive stud either.

This is a mediocre joke of a franchise. The Cleveland Indians of the NHL.

Sad sick and entirely fucking true.

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