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What's wrong with the Oilers? Nothing?

Hey as you all know, I am one of the most unforgiving of Oiler fans. I have zero sympathy for Ryan Smyth, or any other past player who whined their way out of town for that matter. At least in the medium term. Who knows? One day I might actually say I liked watching the Smyth Weight Guerin Oilers.


This was an era where the Oilers simply had zero chance of winning the cup. Zero! Sorry, but with zero hope, there's zero giving a fuck coming from me.

Now, after 8 fucking years of that jailbird Gay drunken convict MacTavish finally we all get to actually ENJOY watching the team play. Why? No fear of making a mistake, getting thrown out onto the ice with a minute left, because the coach TRUSTS you, that kind of astonishing leadership stuff that great men use when dealing with their charges.

Having just returned from a week in Amsterdam(and yes, it's everything you ever dreamed of as a kid), well...I don't really know what's going on with the Oilers, but I sure the f**k got to encounter a lot of sensational females.

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