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The 1-1-1 Oilers!

This is an ancient NY Rangers Cup winning team, from 1933. I'm told one of my ancestors tried out for them, back in the day, which gives me somewhat of a soft spot for the rags.

Oilers have now played 3 games, and are 1-2 in them. Sorry, I don't count losses. Okay, maybe 1-1-1 if you insist on the old time system. No problem.

So, how are they doing? They've played 2 games vs more or less elite opposition, and 1 game against a lousy team. Surprise surprise. The Stars are now a third rate team, the Flames first, and the Oilers? They're second rate.

Last year, gay shopteacher MacT had them playing like a fourth rate team. So now, they've made the big jump, from fourth to second. Not too shabby.

Personally I expect Quinn to be talking to Katz sooner or later, and telling him just what a crock of crap some of the current lineup really are. I seriously doubt if he talks to Tambellini, who seems more and more like a glorified office clerk.

Then what? No idea. After all, I'm not running the Oilers.

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