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Oilers Are OK Again!

I like this team. last night in Anaheim, they came through with a great effort. Sure Gilbert makes the odd bad play, and all the rest, but it's a TEAM game, so when the TEAM plays well, fuck the individual attacks.

In a blowout of course, with endless errors, it's all so much simpler to wax and wane.

Theo Peckham's fast becoming one of my fave Oilers. This guy puts real fear into the opposition. If the enemy pressured him more I'm fairly sure he'd be getting pilloried right now, but he's too scary. You can tell he's scary by the way the other team refuses to check him hard against the boards. Who wants to fight this guy?

Hall was great last night, so was Eberle. MPS I barely noticed, but hey, the guys a rookie and he's never played the greasy North American style so he get a full season pass.

Dubnyk? I'm worried he's going to win too many games this year, haha.

Belle I liked during the exhibition season, I hope they keep him up and lose the other guys instead.

PS: memo to Katz: Hire the entire Fox Duck crew for the Edmonton Oilers, and lose every fucking one of the hicks currently boring the hell out of me and others. And I mean cameramen, director, producer, every announcer, whoever buys the suits, you name it. Ducks show was/is light years ahead of the 1980's or earlier level of style where the Oilers sad current production ranks. You want Edmonton to look bad? Just keep these dolts. Want to use the Oilers like AC Milan? Then get some California professional announcers, instead of these hicks you inherited.

That's right, just sack the entire lot of them. Then, hire the entire last night's Ducks crew, right down to the DJ who plays rock music the way it's supposed to be played between stoppages. Details, Katz, details.

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