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I've had it. And I'm not alone either.

The Oilers have for the past decade constantly iced a team that has glaring holes, whether goalies(2006), or defencemen(2010-11), whatever.

I'm simply bored with the process.

Like Kurtz in Apocalypse now, I doubt if there is indeed any method to this former dynasty/cum Disney Channel wannabe posterboy.

Players run out town on a rail, coaches that can't coach, always fucking ALWAYS at least 2 totally worthless pylons on defence, never a centre worthy of the name, smurfs against grown men, rookies who fail to develop, UFA's who (naturally) shun the situation while the "management" blames the fans, you name it.

I pity the young fans, who have never seen excellence wearing the copper and blue, sans 6 or so weeks in 2006. I at least got to see Jari Kurri, live.

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